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  • What’s the Most Effective Way to Hurt Your Business? Inefficient IT Support.

    Knowing about technology and being a nice IT guy does not mean the outsourced IT Consultant you trust and with whom you feel comfortable knows how to resolve your company’s IT support issues efficiently and effectively or even at all. More than 180,000 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) exist in the United States, with over 80% having fewer than 10 employees. Despite increasing demand for IT services and support among small and midsize business in the United States, the traditional IT support model is proven to be very costly, time-consuming, and insufficient.

    There is no reason to fall into a rut of low expectations and settle for poor IT service quality and standards when it comes to your IT support. Being conscious of which MSPs are taking advantage of consumer ignorance and which MSPs are not only technically proficient but consumer service friendly is essential to ensuring your company’s IT support needs are met.

    Falling for an MSPs bells and whistles can be costly, hurting business owners not only in their pocket, but in time and frustration. Many of the MSPs riding the technology wave wow business owners with IT support solutions that appear responsive and fast. There are many types of service levels, however, when it comes to IT support there is nothing more efficient and effective then real-time tech support. What do you often really get? MSPs offering a response time of 15-30 minutes from the time an issue is reported. While this may sound great, in reality all this response time does is acknowledge that your request has been received. These responses can be as simple as automated ticketing system email acknowledgement or a call back. It doesn’t necessarily mean your IT request is being addressed or will be solved anytime soon.

    Avoid hurting your business. Use IT support solutions that are efficient, staffed by experience professionals, and which provide end users with the efficient customer support they require to be productive and successful.