Elevated AI Announces Beta Release of its Real-Time Tech Support as a Service (RTTSaaS) platform

Mar 9, 2018, 09:00 ET

NEWARK, NJ, Mar 9, 2018  Elevated AI, announced today a beta program to evaluate its Real-Time Tech Support as a Service (RTTSaaS) platform.

Elevated AI, is a real-time tech support platform that provides automated, intelligent IT support to small and mid-sized corporate customers via its native client chat apps. “Nearly every significant breakthrough or advancement in the field of technology starts first with a break in tradition – a change in the way we see and think. There is a dramatic need for such a paradigm shift in the way IT support is delivered,” says CEO & Founder Lou Pereira. “Elevated AI provides a smarter, faster, and better way of delivering IT services and support with a more productive and seamless experience for business users. The days of emailing support, submitting a support ticket, or calling the help desk are finally over. Servicing IT requests in real-time is something that business owners really love, because we’re solving problems immediately.”

All early adopters can apply to participate in the beta program to take advantage of Elevated AI’s cutting-edge technology, and provide feedback on specific features, functionality and overall experience. To qualify for participation, users must install the Elevated AI app on their device. Selected participants will have access to new technology before generally available and will be able to provide input on product functionality and enhancements.

Applications for Elevated AI’s beta program will be accepted beginning March 9 and may be completed online here: https://elevatedai.com/download/.

About Elevated AI
Elevated AI uses human-assisted automation to solve tech support requests in real-time from any device and helps businesses save time and money with all their IT Services & Support needs.